About Mitko Kostov

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mitko Kostov, and I have been a financial analyst for more than 20 years.

Financial analyst is one of the most highly paid professions, which is more relevant today than ever. The emergence of a huge number of ways and methods of earning money on investments in stocks, startups, securities, PAMM accounts, funds, etc. makes it possible to earn well for almost everyone, but requires a professional approach and the participation of specialists.

Especially in demand is the profession in the field of investment, capital and resource management, you can not do without the services of an analyst in the Forex market, where you need to monitor changes in currency prices, carefully study the factors and events that affect them, macroeconomic data, make competent reports and forecasts, helping brokers and traders better navigate the market.

When thinking about what a financial analyst does, it is necessary to consider the main requirements for a specialist, regardless of the specific field of work (whether it is the Forex market or the banking structure):

  • Deep knowledge of various economic disciplines
  • Knowledge of market theory and understanding of changes that occur in them
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms of functioning of various markets, indicators and factors that affect the level of profitability
  • Deep knowledge of accounting, reporting procedures and features
  • Ability to carry out a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the state of the object in which you plan to invest money in the future
  • Knowledge of formulas for calculating various indicators and the ability to apply them in practice
  • Logical thinking, high level of intellectual development, ability and desire to constantly learn, explore new areas and markets, monitor transformations
  • Ability to use the maximum opportunities provided by modern information technologies in training, the specialist's duties may include performing a variety of tasks, but they are all based on a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the sphere, object, market, etc. Therefore, it is very important for a financial analyst to constantly learn. The knowledge obtained once at the University quickly becomes outdated. you need to constantly get practical skills based on the theory and keep up to date with the events in the sphere.

So, if we are talking about the Forex market, then you need to understand the specifics of how assets interact with each other, analyze specific macroeconomic indicators, and take into account exactly those factors that really have a serious impact on a specific currency pair. To learn and gain in-depth knowledge in the field, you can take courses that will allow you to create an idea about the peculiarities of the market, better understand processes and phenomena, and perform analysis more efficiently on the basis of available theoretical data.

To understand what a specialist does, you need to consider the main responsibilities of a broad-based financial analyst, whose functions include performing such tasks:

  • Valuation and analysis of securities
  • Investment advice
  • Effective investment capital management
  • Implementation of financial management within the organization
  • Making forecasts regarding development, future changes, etc.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of management in the field of Finance

Analytical work, regardless of the scope, involves three main stages of the task: collecting all the necessary information from various sources, sorting data and removing unnecessary information, forming personal opinions, making forecasts, considering the advantages and disadvantages of the object, etc.the basis is financial indicators, as well as macro-and micro-economic data.

In my blog, I would like to share with you my knowledge and thoughts in this area.