Every year, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing by leaps and bounds. 2018-2019 was no exception, when the whole world saw a phenomenal growth of almost all cryptocurrencies. Almost every news about Finance now does not do without a review of the dynamics of well-known cryptocurrencies. And, of course, many people have a very reasonable question: "How do I make money on cryptocurrency?»
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Mining-a way to earn cryptocurrency from scratch. This is the oldest and original way to earn cryptocurrencies. Mining is the process of creating cryptocurrencies by selecting and creating cryptographic code. This requires a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Today, this method is available only to highly professional specialists and specialized companies that work in this field. The fact is that investments in this way of earning today are at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, and maybe more than a million dollars. To do this, you need to create production facilities from high-tech and powerful computers and processors, video cards. There is also no need to puzzle over the creation of a crypto-wallet for storing money. For an ordinary person now-this is too expensive.
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