Last time I wrote that investments are investments in business. But I didn't define the line, the difference between investment and business itself. The line between these concepts is often blurred. For example, in the world practice, it is common for a company's managers to simultaneously be shareholders and co-owners of the company's shares. In addition to their salary, they can count on dividends and an increase in the share price if their business is successful.
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Every year, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing by leaps and bounds. 2018-2019 was no exception, when the whole world saw a phenomenal growth of almost all cryptocurrencies. Almost every news about Finance now does not do without a review of the dynamics of well-known cryptocurrencies. And, of course, many people have a very reasonable question: "How do I make money on cryptocurrency?»
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There is a very cool technique that allows you to make almost any decision. In global corporations, this technique is taught to staff and many decisions are made on this technique. And it can help your personal budget!
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